Jenna Orkin


Jenna Orkin is a writer turned activist by the environmental disaster of 9/11. The mother of a student at Stuyvesant High School, located four blocks north of the World Trade Center, Orkin co-founded the World Trade Center Environmental Organization in January, 2002. Along with fellow downtown activists, she has lobbied Congress for funding for appropriate testing and cleanup of affected areas as well as for health care for those suffering WTC-related illnesses; testified at all levels of government as well as at scientific conferences; and organized press conferences and demonstrations including one which took place at the laying of the cornerstone to rebuild Ground Zero. The event, which featured family members outraged for a variety of reasons at the rush (however inept) to rebuild without considering their issues, put a damper on Governor Pataki's triumphant moment.

Orkin is one of twelve original plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against Governor Christie Todd Whitman and the EPA. She holds a B.A.- M.A. in Music from Oxford University, a J.D. from New York Law School and once held a teaching fellowship in Music History at Juilliard. She has also written articles for Music and Vision Daily and been an interviewer on cable television. For the last year she has been doing research and running the blog for In 2005-2006 she moderated Peak Oil conferences in New York City and Washington.