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The past year has seen a rapid expansion of interest in alternatives to the official story of the 9/11 attack in both popular culture and professional and academic circles. Unfortunately, media coverage of this phenomenon has highlighted speculative claims, focused on personalities, and has generally attempted to discredit challenges to the Official Story.

The Lifting the Fog Conference will provide a focused, principled, and rigorous examination of the many unanswered questions surrounding the destruction of the World Trade Center skyscrapers. Using the extensive bodies of surviving evidence that document these events, Conference presenters will apply the time-tested scientific method to evaluate the evidence and theories of the destruction of the buildings.

In addition to tackling the controversial questions of what brought the skyscrapers down, the Conference will provide a session devoted to the developing story of the public health catastrophe of exposures to the Ground Zero environment. The fact that the EPA allowed politics to eclipse science in their issuance of false assurances that the air was safe to breathe is a sobering example of the fallacy of trusting official conclusions regarding highly charged political events being used to justify wars.

The Conference format will feature presenters who are well qualified in pertinent scientific and engineering issues, making visually enhanced presentations of about 60-70 minutes. Each presentation will be followed by a moderated session inviting audience participation.

Materials available inside the conference will be limited to books, articles, pamplets, and multimedia recordings such as DVDs and CDs which feature conference participants and are approved by the Steering Committee.


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